Airport Security
Airport Security
Season 3
Episode 7
Airdate September 29, 2002
Curriculum Social Studies

Airport Security launched in BrainPOP Social Studies September 29, 2002.


After going through a metal detector at an airport, Tim pulls out a letter from a person who is afraid to fly, and who asks what to do. Tim then describes airport security, and methods used, using Moby as an example for some methods. As they board the plane however, Moby squeezes Tim by leaning over him to look out the window. Tim offers him to sit in the window seat, but Moby refuses, much to Tim's annoyance. Tim then says, "So it's going to be one of those flights... *sigh*.".


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Tim: (as Moby is squished into his lap by looking out the window) Um…do you wanna sit in the window seat? (Moby shakes his head) Ugh…so it's going to be one of those flights… *sigh*

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