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Personal Info Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 7-8
Family Annie's Mom (mother)
Annie's Dad (father)
Señor Maurice (pet)
Grandpop (grandfather)
Friends Moby the Robot
Tim (From BrainPOP)

Annie is the main protagonist of BrainPOP Jr, who is along with Moby. She, Cassie, Tim, Nat, Rita, and Ben are the only people who can understand Moby. Annie has a sister named Mia, who talks on the phone too much. Her best friend is named Becca, and they are in Mr. P's class.

It has been possibly hinted that Annie is Hispanic as her dog's name is Senor Maurice, and she refers to her grandfather as "Papi."

Annie is a shy but a cheerful and optimistic girl who usually smiles, even when things don't go as planned.

She seems to be jealous of Tim as shown at the end of “Thanksgiving” at the revised version.

Annie made a cameo in the Bill Clinton video on BrainPOP. She was in a doctor’s office with a cast and sling on her arm.

Annie's family

Annie has a mom, dad, and a sister named Mia as well as a grandpa but Annie calls him Grandpop or Papi.


Annie has black dot eyes and long black hair styled into pigtails with red rubberbands (one on her wrist and two in her hair). Mostly, she wears a blue and yellow shirt, denim shorts, red glasses, and gray sneakers. She has tan skin

During winter, she wears a pink and blue beanie, a pink sweater, a pink and blue scarf, pink and blue mittens, purple pants, and black boots. In fall she wear a blue sweatshirt and jeans.

Episodes She Appears In

Bill Clinton (BrainPOP)


Invasive Species (BrainPOP)

Cyberbullying (BrainPOP)


  • She is the only human character in BrainPOP Jr. who can talk. The rest of the characters are mostly silent and occasionally communicate through gibberish or vocal sound effects.
  • In the movie, "Divorce", it is revealed that she and Mia's parents are divorced and they live with their grandfather.
  • She has a pen pal named Jin who lives in China.
  • She is voiced by Karina Linch.


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