Brainpop 2
Personal Info Hair: Black
Eye color: Black
Yellow t-shirt with blue sleeves, shorts, and shoes
Family Mia (Sister)
Friends Moby Calrissian (Friend)
Annie is the main character of BrainPOP Jr, along with Moby. She, Tim, Nat, Cassie, Rita, and Ben are the only people who can understand Moby. Annie has a sister named Mia who talks on the phone too much. Her best friend is Becca and she is in Mr. P.'s class.

It has been strongly hinted that Annie is Hispanic as her dog's name is Sr. Maurices and she sometimes refers to her father as "Papi".

Annie is a very cheerful and optimistic girl who always smiles, even when things don't go as planned or when Moby does something that others might find annoying or weird. 

Annie has a seven year old appearance with black frizzy hair put up into very frizzy pigtails held up by red hair ties. Her eyes are so-called beady and missing scleras (the white part of the eye). Mostly, Annie wears a blue and yellow shirt, blue shorts, red glasses, three red rubber bands (two on her wrists and one on her neck), and gray shoes.

During winter times, she wore a pink and blue beanie cap, a light-pink sweater, a pink and blue scarf, pink and blue mittens, purple jeans, and black boots (Hibernation and Forests) or red boots (Seasons).

She seems to be a little jealous of Tim as shown in the end of “Thanksgiving (BrainPOP Jr)”.


  • She is the only character in BrainPOP Jr. who can speak Spanish.
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