Airdate January 6, 2004
Curriculum Social Studies

Banking is a BrainPOP Social Studies video that aired January 6, 2004.


Tim and Moby get a letter from a scam artist named Philippe Pilfponce-Henry III from a foreign country asking them to give him $500 in return for a promised reward. Tim sees through the scam and declines, but agrees to Philippe's request to make a video on banking. In the middle of the segment, Moby tries to write a check to Philippe, believing that the scam is legitimate, but Tim replies by taking the check and literally eating it. After concluding the video, Tim asks Moby what he wants to take out a bank loan for. Moby shows a business plan for an organic bug farm and Tim says that, if he were the bank, he would rather give his money to Philippe Pilfponce-Henry. Moby reminds him about the final letter in his name; III.




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