Airdate April 22, 2007
Curriculum Health
Social Studies

Baseball is a BrainPOP movie that aired on April 22, 2007.


The movie starts out as Tim and Moby are at his room and Tim asks Moby where they have baseball cards. Tim reads a letter about how baseball is played. Tim and Moby shows you how baseball works where the teams have nine players. The team on offense is batting, and the team on defense is where they can catch the ball hit by the batter; plus, it has a pitcher who throws the ball across home plate.

If the batter swings and misses three times, the batter is out. If the batter hits the ball, he or she must run from home plate to first base; but a couple of things can happen before he or she gets there like if he or she hits the ball in the air and one of players on defense catches it, the batter is out. If he or she hits the ball on the ground, one of the players on defense and pick it up and throw it to first base. So if the ball gets to first base before the batter does, he or she is also out. But if he or she gets to first base before the ball does, then he or she is safe, which is called a hit. Therefore, the batter becomes a runner and it's time for the next player to come up to bat.


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  • The New York Mets are Tim's favorite team in Major League Baseball.

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