Basic Probability
Basic Probability
Airdate September 20, 2004
Curriculum Math

Basic Probability launched in BrainPOP Math September 20, 2004.


The movie starts out as Tim and Moby are playing a board game together. As Moby tries to get doubles, he didn't and he got an eight (five on one die and three on the other). Moby starts making unfair moves and Tim tells him that he can't roll again because he didn't get doubles and Moby was about to lose because he's stalling.

Tim reads a letter about a basic probability. After reading the letter about it, then Tim and Moby begins to discuss about a probability is a chance that some event will happen like that chance he'll roll a six. As it turned out, Tim only rolled a two.

Tim and Moby begins to talk about the find of a probability of rolling a six because they need compare the number of ways to roll a six with the number of outcomes from rolling a die. Moby was holding two dice about rolling two sixes and Tim says "Rolling two sixes? That's a different story." They make a table to figure out.

After figuring out on rolling two sixes and discussing what a basic probability is, Moby was holding three dice and Tim says that Moby is really stalling. They go back to playing a board game they're playing and tells him to hurry up and roll the dice. Moby needs two sixes or Tim wins. As Moby is going to try to get two sixes, Moby starts making unfair moves by rolling eight dice. Moby easily finds two sixes, but Tim says "I'll have to check the rules, but I'm pretty sure that's cheating."




FYI comicEdit

Basic Probability FYI

Cassie gets face down every time.

Cassie always seems to have face down every time, but Rita always seems to be lucky.

Cassie: Face down! Every time! How is that possible?!

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