Brass Instruments
Brass Instruments
Airdate July 3, 2007
Curriculum Arts & Music

Brass Instruments launched in BrainPOP Arts & Music July 3, 2007.


The movie opens with Tim attempting to play the sousaphone, only to make awful noises. When Moby laughs, Tim announces "this is impossible!" and claims he didn't want to be in the marching band anyway. Tim then answers a letter about brass instruments, telling how they are played (in which Moby giggles at his funny noises) and explaining in depth about the vaulved instruments (tuba, trumpet, French horn) the trombone, and the bugle. At the end, Moby attempts to play the bugle, but has trouble, as Tim explains, "Well, it helps if you had lips to begin with." Then Tim told to Moby that the bugle's not broken.


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