Season 4
Episode 12
Airdate October 13, 2002
Update: January 14, 2018
Curriculum Social Studies
Bullying is a Social Studies/Health video of BrainPOP aired on October 13, 2002.


Tim is at his locker. He answers a letter saying that a kid is getting bullied at his school and wants to know what to do. Tim says that he hates bullying. He mentions that a boy named Craig bullied him when he was in second grade. Moby is also with Tim. Moby beeps that one name Craig called him was "Four Eyes". Tim says that there are lots of ways to bully someone like hitting, excluding, and other hurtful things that can happen to you when you are getting bullied. In the end, Craig approaches Tim and they say "Hi" to each other, indicating that Craig no longer bullies Tim and they are now friendly.


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At the end of the video's update, Tim and Moby take place at the lunch room.

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