Airdate December 5, 2004
April 10, 2015 (Remake)
Curriculum Science

The BrainPOP science video Buoyancy aired on December 5, 2004.

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Tim is relaxing on the swimming pool, Moby does an accident on the water, Tim asks Moby if he really need to do that. In the end of the movie, Tim says it is your choice. In a remake, it is into a different swimming pool, except Crusher.

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In 2004, it has a paper boat in the water, Tim says "When you turn the boat over, there's no air in it, so it sinks just like the cube did." In the remake, Crusher fell into the water in two landings, the scale is 70 pounds in the swimming pool, and 125 pounds in the bathroom, the scale electrocutes, Tim says "Hey, is that Dad's scale?" Moby doesn't know. In the end, Crusher does a dive in the water.

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