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Cassie Burton
Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 11.46.27 AM.png
Personal Info Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Black
Green tank top with flower, jeans, and green shoes
Black and green wetsuit, flippers, BCD, SCUBA tank, and mask (in Underwater World)
Family * Unnamed mother
  • Unnamed father
  • Unnamed younger brother
Friends Rita (Best friend)
Lincoln Shire {love intrest}

Cassie Burton is a teenage girl educator for BrainPOP. Her best friend is Rita, and the guest star and/or are mentioned in some BrainPOP videos, as well as appear in the FYI section. They appear as the main cast for a few episodes. Like Moby, Cassie enjoys annoying Tim. She is voiced by Danica McKellar. She helps young girls in girl's health like periods and some mental health videos.

Physical Description

Originally, Cassie had sclera eyes and red lipstick and wore a tank top.

Her updated look has black bead eyes, thicker eyebrows, freckles, and a rounder nose. She also wears a T-shirt instead of a tank top.