Cell Structures
Airdate November 2000
Curriculum Science

Cell Structures is a BrainPOP Science video released in November 2000.


The video starts off with Moby working at a water bottle factory while Tim watches. Tim then reads the question. Tim says that it's like a factory. It decides what gets and what doesn't. While he's saying that, Moby closes a door thing, which reveals a monster inside. When Tim tells people about the nucleus being the boss, Moby comes out of a door that reads "Main Office", probably telling the others what to do by using a megaphone. Tim then holds a glass of green liquid while discussing cytoplasm. The video shows a shadow of a man working when Tim explains mitochondria. As Tim talk about lysosomes, Moby pours a bucket of what looks like bright green waste into a bin labeled as "Waste". Tim discusses vacuoles, with Moby checking up on a supply tank of water. Tim talks about endoplasmic reticulum (while the video shows bottles being filled ). The bottles are then shown on a conveyer belt with robots occupying it. Tim tells the viewers final thing while Moby sends a box full of bottles to the delivery truck. But Moby forgot that the truck didn't come, making the bottles onto the ground as Tim ends off the lesson and video.


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