Which Question Which statistic is most closely related to climate?
BlueA) Average yearly snowfall in Denver is 55 inches
B) Last February was unusually warm in the Northeast
C) There is an ongoing drought in central Georgia
D) Wind speeds in Chicago topped 30 mph today
Correct Answer:)A)Average yearly snowfall in Denver is 55 inches

  1. Which saying best describes the greenhouse effect's impact on our planet?
    A) You can't get enough of a good thing(thats what she said).
    B) A rising tide lifts all boats
    C) Everything in moderation
    D) None of the above
    Correct Answer: C) Everything in moderation
  2. If Earth is like a greenhouse, carbon gases in the atmosphere are like the:
    A) Plant
    B) Glass
    C) Sun
    D) Ground
    Correct Answer: B) Glass
  3. How will next year's average global temperature compare to this year's average?
    A) It will be much higher
    B) It will me somewhat lower
    C) It will be exactly the same
    D) It's impossible to predict
    Correct Answer: D) It's impossible to predict
  4. Which of the following individual actions would do the most to reduce atmospheric methane?
    A) Going vegan
    B) Planting a tree
    C) Riding the bus instead of driving a car
    D) Switching to rechargeable batteries
    Correct Answer: A) Going vegan
  5. Compared to historical trends, what is different about contemporary climate change?
    A) It's occurring faster
    B) It's a warming trend
    C) It's affecting plants and animals
    D) It's caused by atmospheric changes
    Correct Answer: A) It's occurring faster
  6. We can learn about the climate of different periods throughout history by studying what aspect of the bubbles trapped in ice core samples?
    A) The temperature of the air inside the bubbles
    B) The average volume of the bubbles
    C) The levels of different gases in the bubbles
    D) The average pressure of the air inside the bubbles
    Correct Answer: C) The levels of different gases in the bubbles
  7. As polar ice caps melt, which area would face the most significant immediate threat?
    A) Paris, France
    B) Florida, Miami
    C) New Delhi, India
    D) Cairo, Egypt
    Correct Answer: B) Florida, Miami
  8. "Global climate change" is preferred to "global warming" because temperature change may not be its most conspicuous effect. What can you infer is the meaning of "conspicuous"?
    A) Harmful
    B) Hidden
    C) Misleading
    D) Noticeable
    Correct Answer: D) Noticeable

10. Which of these is an opinion about climate change?
A) It is the most serious danger that humans face today
B) Many people believe it may cause species to go extinct
C) Burning fossil fuels has contributed to global warming
D) Earth's temperature has increased over the past century
Correct Answer: A) It is the most serious danger that humans face today

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