Computer Viruses
Computer Viruses
Season 9
Episode 4
Airdate September 13, 2003
Curriculum Engineering & Tech

Computer Viruses is a BrainPOP Engineering and Technology video launched on September 13, 2003.


Tim's computer was messed up by Moby in the beginning of the movie. On the screen, it shows a virus monster, a worm, and a Trojan horse. Moby begins to try to fix the computer, but it doesn't work. Moby was destroying Tim's own computer as Tim comes in to see Moby and asks "Is it fixed yet?" Moby beeps meaning it's not fixed yet because Tim has homework, Moby gives Tim a letter about what a computer virus is because Tim knows that it's weird of those letters keep reflecting what's going on with his life, but he and Moby proceeds on going to talk about computer viruses. It shows a virus monster, a computer worm and a Trojan horse.

After talking about computer viruses, Tim asks Moby why he brought up Trojan horses, Moby goes back to fixing Tim's computer. "Oh, did you mess my computer up?" Moby beeps yes, and Tim replies about the answer and doesn't know what he's doing.


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  • BrainPOP also has an update Malware so the website doesn't show it anymore.

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  • In this shot, Moby is wearing a laboratory helmet, destroying Tim's computer.

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