Conducting an Interview
Conducting an Interview
Season 17
Airdate January 6, 2016
Curriculum English

Conducting an Interview launched in BrainPOP English January 6, 2016.


Tim and Moby are talking about conducting an interview.

At the end, Tim says "Awww, raspberries."



  • This movie was created after a poll about what life skills BrainPOP should do next. The three movies, Personal Hygiene, Setting Goals, and Conducting an Interview were the winners.
  • Moby Olsen is based on Jimmy Olsen.

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Tim: Well, if it isn't cub reporter Moby Olsen. What can I do for you, friend? [Moby beeps] You want to know how I get all these swell interviews with famous robots? [Moby beeps]

Tim: Awww, raspberries.

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