Court System
Court System
Airdate June 2, 2009
Curriculum Social Studies

Court System launched in BrainPOP Social Studies June 2, 2009.


Moby destroyed the shelfs during Tim's own commercial.



In the Tim & Tim commercial, 4 scenes from other movies were shown, and they were, from clockwise left, Chickenpox, Neptune, States of Matter, and Percussion.

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Tim: Has this ever happened to YOU? If you been harassed by cyborg, droid or automaton, you don't have to put up with that. Dial 555-NO-BOT by the law offices of Tim & Tim and get the justice you…deserve. (Moby beeps) Hey! Hey! (Moby tips the shelves over) Couldn't you waited until I was done taping? (Moby beeps again)

Tim: Oh. Fine. I'll drop the lawsuit.

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