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Season 1
Episode 9
Airdate March 19, 2000

June 9, 2015 (Remake)

Curriculum Science

Dinosaurs is a video of BrainPOP Science which aired on March 19, 2000.


The movie starts at a museum (the original version starts on a green background), Tim gets a letter. It asks about dinosaurs. Moby, in response, activates his built-in time machine, transporting the two to the time of the Neanderthals. However, Tim explains that dinosaurs had already died out by that time, and transports them to the Jurassic Period. While there, Tim explains all sorts of dinosaur facts before a large meat-eating dinosaur nearly devours them.

Tim and Moby escape via their time machine and get transported back to the time when the movie started, causing there to be two Tim's and two Moby's. The original Tim and Moby warn the new Tim and Moby not to go back in time so they can't be harmed by the dinosaurs. The new Tim then challenges the others to a game of Foosball; the old Tim and both Moby's agree.

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As mentioned in the comments below, the time-traveling Tim going back to warn the old Tim will cause a causality-loop paradox, which would cause the old Tim to not time-travel and give the warning!


Brainpop released a remake of the movie on June 9th, 2015, just 3 days before Jurassic World would hit theatres in the United States. They make no referral to the movie, but Moby is seen turning the dinosaurs to life with a pink buckyball.



2015 Transcript




Tim: It didn't sound like the wind.


Goofs coming up