Season 3
Airdate January 12, 2003
Curriculum Health

Dreams launched in BrainPOP Health & Science January 12, 2003.


At the intro, Tim is dreaming about Rita but Moby angrily shoves his feather inside Tim's nose and shouts, "What are you doing?!?" Then Tim talks about in their dreams. When Tim is talking about when these cycles are strange. Tim has a bad dream of when the bride reveals to be Abe. At the end, Moby has a dream about sheep with red glowing robot eyes.


  • Tim
  • Moby
  • Rita (mentioned only)
  • Abraham Lincoln (Cameo, in Tim's dream)

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  • At the end of the video, Tim tells Moby that since he doesn't have a brain, he can't dream.
  • In Plagiarism, Moby wakes up from a nightmare at the beginning of the video.

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