Season 2
Airdate June 5, 2001
Curriculum Science
Engineering & Tech
Electromagnets is a BrainPOP Engineering & Tech video which had aired on June 5, 2001.


The movie starts out as Tim was running the vacuum cleaner until the power goes out. Afterwards, Tim asks Moby that if he turned on the TV, but Moby replies that he didn't, and Tim says that it tripped the circuit breaker. Moby was at the circuit breaker panel and he flipped the living room circuit breaker, he flips the living room circuit breaker back on. Tim turns off the vacuum cleaner so he and Moby can answer a letter about what an electromagnet is. At the end, the screen fades to black. Tim says "Moby, did you turn on the TV again?". Tim heard offscreen.


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Tim: [the television goes off] Moby, did you turn on the TV again?

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