Season 1
Episode 34
Airdate June 15, 1999
Curriculum Health
Fitness is the Health video of BrainPOP launched or aired on June 15, 1999.


Tim gets a letter about fitness. He has to go running, so he tells Moby to show the viewers a film. The next two minutes feature "Exercise, Fitness, And YOU!", a cheaply-made short film. However, Moby doesn't realize that Tim is doing fitness, too. At the end, a post-credits video shows Tim running.


A selection of images from "Exercise, Fitness, And YOU!"

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Tim: Ah, I got to go running, but watch this film!

Voice #2: This message is brought to you by BrainPOP. ["The End" appears onscreen, and Tim is jogging with the words "Meanwhile" appearing above him]

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