Graphing & Solving Inequalities
Graphing & Solving Inequalities
Season 4
Airdate October 2, 2007
Curriculum Math
Graphing & Solving Inequalities is an episode of BrainPOP that aired on October 2, 2007.


The movie starts out as Tim and Moby are in the air. Tim asks Moby "Are you sure you know what you're going?" Moby tells Tim a book called "Cluster Ballooning FAQs", and Tim asked him how they're supposed to get back down, then asked Moby to go higher, and Moby brings out a 10K weight and scissors to cut enough weight by not getting over that. In the end, Moby hears trumpet sounds and tries to jump off the chair, and Tim forgets to mention about bringing weights along, and Moby flies back up into the air, and Tim is supposed to tell Moby that we're not going bowling and in the end of the video when Tim is holding a bowling ball.

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