Hip-Hop and Rap
Hip-Hop and Rap
Airdate March 16, 2011
Curriculum Social Studies
Arts & Music

Hip-Hop and Rap is a Social Studies/Arts & Music video of BrainPOP launched in March 16, 2011.



A selection of pictures from Hip-Hop and Rap.


Tim is reading a book and Moby brings in a robot. Tim says he hopes it's not another Jazz-bot. He says the last one played a trumpet solo that went on for six months. When the robot raps, he finds out it's a Rap-bot. Tim mentions a introdution about hip-hop and rap. Tim includes things like DJs, scratching records and breakdancing. He asks  the Rap-bot what it's favorite rapper is. The Rap-bot holds up a CD with Kenny G on it. Tim yells "This isn't a Rap-bot at all! It's a Jazz-bot in disguise!" and he covers his ears when, yet again, Jazz-bot strikes!

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