Human Body
Human Body
Season 1
Episode 40
Airdate June 29, 1999
Curriculum Science, Health
Human Body launched in BrainPOP Science & Health June 29, 1999. In April 2018, the video was defunct.


The episode begins with Tim reading a letter from Sue saying "The other day my dad asked me how does the body work?". Moby then shows Tim his tools but Tim says that she's talking about the human body. Four Tims appear in the next screen that explain that it would be freaky if they all looked the same. Tim tells the viewers that if the systems aren't working, the body can't run smoothly, and you will die. He goes on the following spiel about the areas inside your body:

  • Nervous System - A network of nerves that sends signals to your brain so that it can makes decisions.
  • Endocrine System - Contains all the hormonal glands that control body growth and reproduction.
  • Digestive System - Breaks down food so that nutrients and water can be used by your body.
  • Urinary System - Gets rid of chemical waste from the body by flushing it out.
  • Respiratory System - Exchanges harmful carbon dioxide for oxygen through breathing.
  • Circulatory System - Heart pumps blood thorough your body so that oxygen and nutrients can get to the parts that need them.
  • Immune System - Battles diseases and bacteria that try to make you sick.
  • Lymphatic System - Makes sure that germ-fighting cells get collected by body tissue.
  • Reproductive System - Lets humans make babies.
  • Skeletal System - Made up of bones that hold the body up and protect the vital organs of your body's other systems.
  • Muscular System - Allows you to move.
  • Integumentary System - Includes skin, hair and nails and protects your insides.

Tim then decides that he has had enough and feels dizzy and all of sudden can't move because Moby is writing on his stomach 'Moby Was Here' and walks off leaving Tim unable to move.




Quotes Edit

Tim: Huh? Moby, I can't move. [sees Moby writing on his stomach]

Trivia Edit

  • The update is now titled "Body Systems".
  • 4 Tims show up during the video.

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