Airdate June 19, 2007
Curriculum Social Studies
Arts & Music
Jazz is a Social Studies/Arts & Music video of BrainPOP that aired June 19, 2007.


Moby brings in a musical robot. Tim then asks if it could play the new Fall Out Boy song (One Direction song in the remake). The musical robot blows a raspberry out of its mouth so Moby shakes his head. Tim then asks if it could also play something by Avril Lavigne (Taylor Swift in the remake). The musical robot makes a raspberry noise with its mouth so Moby shrugs his shoulders. The robot then plays Jazz music, and Tim realizes that it's a Jazz-bot. Tim then explains Jazz with the help of the Jazz-bot. At the end, Tim excuses himself to download "disposable pop music". The Jazz-bot then stuns him with a laser, making him immobile. Tim then vows that the Jazz-bot will pay for that. It then continues playing Jazz.


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