Season 2
Airdate January 6, 2002

Remake: September 29, 2014

Curriculum Science

Mars is an video of BrainPOP Science launched on January 6, 2002. The debut update of the video was seen launching in September 29, 2014.


Tim and Moby are out looking out at telescope. Tim tells Moby that the planet he sees isn't Mars, because he wants him to say that other planet. Then Tim tells Konrad all about Mars. At the end of the movie, Tim sees tiny chunks of barren rock. Tim asks Moby if he listened to a word he said. Moby answers yes and is seen eating spray cheese. Tim sighs but Moby thinks he wants the spray cheese. Before the movie was over, The screen fades to black and Tim screams in the background.

Old Summary Edit

Tim talks about Mars in a jungle with Moby. At the very end of the video, Tim asks Moby about why the climate on Mars change drastically, because it's a real mystery and suggests "every planet with space currents and plan missions will be able to solve" and tells Moby about the water not happening and shouts "I'm ignoring you!" offscreen.


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Tim: Why did the climate on Mars change so drastically? It's a real mystery. {Moby beeps} Yes. It is a real mystery! Every planet with both currents and plan missions will be able to solve. {Moby beeps} You did not know what happened to all the water. {Moby beeps} I'm ignoring you!

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Tim: Martian battle destroyers? They're tiny chunks of barren rock! Did you even listen to a word I said? [Moby eats spray cheese, and Tim eats spray cheese, screen is black, Tim screams]

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  • This is the first video an old version was replaced with an update.
  • The forest background in the update is changed to a midnight sky.
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