Season 4
Airdate May 18, 2003
Curriculum Math

Multiplication is a video that launched in BrainPOP, and can be found in Math, and it aired on May 18, 2003. In this episode Moby helps Tim feed the animals at the zoo over the summer.


Over the week off from school,Tim's uncle Phil gave him a summer job at the local zoo. Like in every episode, Moby comes with him. Tim's first job was to feed the lions. According to Tim's instruction paper, there were five lions and each lion must have three pounds of meat. Moby suggests Tim to threw all of the meat into the lion pen, but Tim explains that the lions might get sick. Tim sorts out the phrase as 3+3+3+3+3=15, so Tim should throw fifteen pounds of meat. Next, Tim and Moby had to feed fish to the dolphins. There were six dolphins and each dolphin get four fish; six times four equals twenty four. Finally, Tim and Moby went to the chimp's habitat. They had to feed each of the three chimps seven bananas, which equals twenty one. Tim was done with his animal feeding, but there was an extra note on the paper: FEED MOBY 1,000,000 ENERGON CUBES. Tim knows that this isn't his uncle Phil's handwriting and looks at Moby, who shrugs his shoulders innocently.

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  • Moby: Beep.
  • Tim: No, he's not your friend. All those friends were other lions.
  • Moby: Beep?
  • Tim: No. I don't think he wants to make friends with the zebras. I think he wants to like, eat them.
  • Tim: "Feed Moby 1 million energon cubes"? Well, this isn't Uncle Phil's handwriting.

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