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Title text reads, The Mysteries of Life with Tim and Moby. Lions and zebras roam in their pens at the zoo. Tim is wearing a zookeeper's outfit. Moby stands beside him, holding a bucket of raw steaks. A lion roars. Moby beeps.

TIM: No, he's not your friend. All his friends are other lions.

Moby beeps.

TIM: No, I don't think he wants to make friends with the zebras. I think he wants to, like... eat them.

On-screen, a letter appears. Text reads as Tim narrates: Dear Tim and Moby, what is multiplication? From, Tiffany-Amber.

TIM: I've got the week off from school, and my Uncle Phil helped me get a job here at the zoo. I've got a bunch of animals to feed; and as I do this, I can help answer your question.

Moby beeps.

TIM: Yes, and Moby, as always, will be helping. Anyway, multiplication is like a shortcut that helps you solve really long addition problems.

A label appears, reading, multiplication.

TIM: Instead of taking the time to add lots of numbers together, you can solve a problem quickly by multiplying.

An equation appears, reading, 2 plus 2 plus 2 plus 2 plus 2 equals 10. The equation is crossed out. Another equation appears below it, reading, 2 times 5 equals 10.

TIM: Here, let me show you. The first thing I have to do is feed the lions.

On-screen, Tim checks a to-do list on his clipboard.

TIM: Uncle Phil says they get kind of cranky when they're hungry.

On-screen, Tim looks nervous as a lion roars.

TIM: Ah… right. Anyway, according to my list, each lion gets 3 pounds of meat.

On-screen, a lion icon appears. Below it, 3 steak icons appear.

TIM: There are 5 lions in this habitat, so I have to figure out how much meat I need in total.

Moby beeps and holds up his bucket of steaks.

TIM: I can't just throw 100 pounds of meat in there! The lions might get sick. I have to find the exact number. There are 5 lions. Each one gets 3 pounds of meat.

On-screen, 5 lion icons appear, each with 3 steak icons next to it.

TIM: Count them up, and you'll see that I need 15 pounds of meat.

On-screen, the steaks are numbered, 1 through 15.

TIM: See this is really a multiplication problem! You can write it out this way: 5 times 3 equals 15.

An equation appears, reading, 5 times 3 equals 15.

TIM: The numbers you're multiplying, the 5 and the 3, are called factors.

A label appears below the 5 and the 3, reading, factors.

TIM: And the answer, 15, is called the product.

A label appears below the 15, reading, product.

TIM: Okay, Moby, toss 'em in there!

Moby tosses steaks to the lions. They roar.

TIM: Okay, next up are the dolphins.

On-screen, Tim and Moby walk over to a pool with dolphins playing in it. Tim looks at his clipboard.

TIM: It says here that each dolphin gets 4 fish.

On-screen, a dolphin icon appears. Below it, 4 fish icons appear.

TIM: Let's see… we've got 6 dolphins. And if you wanted to solve this as an addition problem, you could write it out as 4 plus 4 plus 4 plus 4 plus 4 plus 4.

On-screen, an expression appears, reading, 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 4.

TIM: But it's easier to solve the problem if you think of it as 6 sets of 4 fish.

On-screen, 6 dolphin icons appear, each with 4 fish icons next to it.

TIM: 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24 fish. So 6 times 4 equals 24.

An equation appears reading, 6 times 4 equals 24.

TIM: Here you go, guys!

On-screen, Tim tosses fish to the dolphins. They click and whistle. Moby beeps.

TIM: How do I know that 6 times 4 equals 24? Well, I know it because I've memorized the multiplication table.

A label appears, reading, multiplication table. A chart appears with rows labeled 1 through 10 and columns labeled 1 through 12. The number, 24, is highlighted at the intersection of row 4 and column 6.

TIM: It's a chart that tells you the answer to every multiplication problem where the factors are less than 10 or 12, depending on how detailed you want to get.

Moby beeps.

TIM: Well, you just have to practice it. Like, a lot. I learned the multiplication table because my grade-school math teacher gave us lots of worksheets and quizzes and made us practice it over and over. I can tell you though, it was really worth it! Okay, what's next?

On-screen, Tim checks his clipboard. Tim and Moby approach a chimpanzee habitat.

TIM: We've got 3 chimps… and they get 7 bananas each.

On-screen, a chimp icon appears. Below it, 7 banana icons appear.

TIM: Any idea what 3 times 7 is?

Moby beeps.

TIM: Well, let's see. 7 plus 7 is 14, plus 7 equals 21!

On-screen, 3 chimp icons appear, each with 7 banana icons next to it. An equation appears, reading, 3 times 7 equals 21.

TIM: Okay, Moby, 21 bananas, please!

Moby tosses bananas to the chimps. They screech.

TIM: 7, 14, and 21 are all multiples of 7. That means each one is the product of 7 times another number.

A label appears, reading, multiples. Moby beeps.

TIM: Okay, okay… I'll knock it off. But I think that's a good start. You'll be multiplying like a pro in no time! Now what’s next on the list?

On-screen, Tim looks at his clipboard. A new task has been written at the bottom of the list in messy handwriting.

TIM: Feed Moby 1 million energon cubes. Well, this isn’t Uncle Phil's handwriting!

The three primates peep at them.

Moby beeps and shrugs.

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