Moby with a memory card to his ear

Airdate May 8, 2007
September 27, 2017 (Remake)
Curriculum English
Engineering & Tech
Plagiarism launched in BrainPOP English/Engineering and Technology May 8th, 2007.

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The mailman arrives with a memory card and Tim puts it in Moby's ear. Tim answers a letter about plagiarism to Iris. Tim discusses stealing or copying/pasting someone's homework during class. After discussing it, Tim plagiarizes Moby for lifting his blog and a red giant F is shown at the end of the video. Tim sighs because he plagiarized Moby for making that blog by itself. How mature!

The New Plot Edit

Moby was dreaming, but had a bad dream and Tim said he needs to get something off his chest. He teaches about Plagirism after reading Moria's letter. At the end, Tim plagiarized on Moby's Blog and Moby got mad before a red giant F appears and Tim sighs again because he plagiarized Moby.


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  • In the remake version of this movie, when the robots in the audience boo Moby in his nightmare, the animation (from the Alan Turing movie) shows the robots cheering happily instead of booing angrliy at him.

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Dr. Phil McGraw

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