A selection of images from the Jack Zander episodes.

In 1997, Avraham Kadar, M.D. and Jack Zander created "Tim & Moby", 3 animated interstitials about peak flow meters, vision and your skeleton for America's Health Network.

The short, 1-minute interstitials were shown to Data Motion Arts in early-1995. Avraham Kadar oped for 6 more 1 minute episodes of the show plus an Autumn special.

The show moved to the Discovery Channel following the closure of America's Health Network. The original 3 shorts were redesigned in April 1995, using cut-out animation. More interstitals premiered in 1995 & 1996 Avraham Kadar was thinking he should move the shorts to the web. The BrainPOP website debuted in May 1997.

The shorts were aimed at teenagers and young adults, but children started watching them too. When Avraham Kadar discovered this, he pitched the first season of BrainPOP (61 episodes) to Nickelodeon in 1997.

Data Motion Arts' last episode was Back To School, which aired September 7, 1999 on Nickelodeon.


Back to school Edit

  • Teeth, Plate Tectonics, Blood, Heart, Body Chemistry, Your Body, Puberty, Endocrine System, Autumn Leaves, Voice, Babies, Nervous System, Eclipse, Brain, Muscles, Taste, Smell, and Hearing have remained the same with a few minor changes, the most notable being the appearance and backgrounds.
  • The rest of the episodes had totally different plots and sometimes different animation. They were later found by Kenna Kay in 2012.
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