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Personal Info Hair color: Dark Brown, almost black

Glasses pink T-shirt with cat orange pants, but with cat on shirt, red hairclip

Family Unknown
Friends Cassie


Tim (love interest)


Rita is a teenage girl who appears in the FYI section (also making cameos in a few episodes) of BrainPOP. She tends to be more intelligent and mature than Cassie, who also is her best friend. She is voiced by Jessica DiCicco. She doesn't display feelings toward Tim. But she does like Tim secretly. Tim likes her too.

It appears she is a vegetarian, as seen in the FYI comic of the episode Thanksgiving. She is seen waving a bell, dressed as a turkey, and standing beside a stand that says "Turkeys have feelings too!" and another that says "Just say NO to turkey!", while Cassie is walking by, carrying a turkey, and calling Rita a "killjoy".

Physical Appearance

Rita appears to be of East Asian descent and was initially seen as a teenage girl with a rather pointed head and chin-length jet-black hair that has a red hairclip on her left side. She wears square-shaped glasses, a pink shirt with a white cat in the middle, and orange jeans. After her updated new look, her hair is more defined with dark grey parts from reflecting light. Her face becomes rounder and her ears are now visible. At first, her voice was a little low like that of a fully matured woman, but later, recent versions of her now have her speak in a teenage voice.