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Seed Plants is an episode of BrainPOP. It aired on November 3, 2002. The 2nd region is aired on November 11, 2012.


2002 versionEdit

Moby simply plants a seed. Tim says it is going to take some time. He decides to ask a letter about seed plants. Now Tim & Moby are at a tree. Moby grabs an apple from the tree, and the rest of the apples fall on him. Tim says "So, you wanted an apple?", before getting hit by the last one.

2012 versionEdit

Tim and Moby go to a garden. Tim thinks these were the same flowers he saw before getting confused. They find a billboard with a letter about seed plants on it. They talk about seed plants. Tim tries to talk with Rita on his cellphone and gets confused again. Tim thinks Moby is so immature.


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