Thirteen Colonies
Airdate October 31, 2004 (Halloween)
December 13, 2019 (Updated as Regions of the Thirteen Colonies)
Curriculum Social Studies
Thirteen Colonies was launched in BrainPOP Social Studies October 31, 2004. Over 15 years, they made an update.



At the intro, Tim forgets one last state during the Thirteen Colonies on paper, however; Moby chooses Georgia.

At the end, a paper of the Thirteen Colonies turns into the 50 states of USA because Tim does not want to turn that in, and Moby chooses Alaska and Hawaii.


Tim and Moby explore the location of burgesses. Tim decides to ask about why the regions of the Thirteen Colonies are invented.

At the end, Tim and Moby decide to visit (IHOB) The International House of Burgesses.


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Tim: 9, 10, 11, 12…I’m missing one. *Moby beeps* Georgia, thank you.

(Tim often reads a letter about the 13 Colonies)

(The 13 Colonies Aftermath)

Tim: What do you mean you're done? *Moby beeps, then looks at paper that the 13 colonies is turned into the 50 states of America* What did you do to my Map of the 13 Colonies? I can't turn that in! *Moby beeps* Alaska and Hawaii—? Get out of here!


Tim: Um… one double cheeseburgess with fries, please. And, can you tell me what's in the Bacon's Rebellion?

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